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  • Name: Waterproof coating ,Polyurethane waterproof coating ,liquid waterproof coil
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  • Time: 2020-04-22
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1.100% pure acrylic elastic emulsion is base material.
2. Outstanding outdoor durability and anti-ultraviolet radiation.
3. Outstanding cohesiveness, applicable to steel structure base, cement mortar or concrete base, etc.
4. Durable low-temperature flexibility, crack-free bending under -30 degree low temperature.
5. Excellent elasticity.
6. Environmental water paint, pollution free..
7. Liquid state, cold process, safe and easy.

Application of protection layer
After waterproof coated membrane is fully dry and meets quality requirements, it can begin application of protection layer.

The temperature for application of MPU should be above 5 ° C.
MPU needs to be consumed instantly and can not be diluted with solvent.
The storage and application places should be well-ventilated and no fire.

Good tensile strength and elongation;
Both high and low temperature resistance;
Strong adhesive;
Seamless, no pinholes and bubbles;
Resistance to long-term water erosion;
Corrosion-resisting and mould-resisting;
Convenient to apply.

ASTM C 836